Portrait of Love

Digital Photographic Portrait
Like a masterpiece painting, this portrait captures something essential about Amma that continues to unfold the more we look at it. At first we may see in her face amusement or solemnity, gratitude or adoration or sympathy. We may see something different each time we look, a thousand expressions. But explore even more deeply, and notice that, while her eyes cast a loving glance at us, they are also gazing inward, reflecting what seems to be her complete unity with the inner Self. Her mouth is a straight line, exactly between smiling and scolding. Between all things, containing all things, Amma is perfectly relaxed, perfectly balanced between the outer and inner worlds. Eventually, in this picture we perceive compassion and, at the same time, detachment. Simply studying this portrait can put one in a meditative state. We begin to set our own faces into Amma's perfectly peaceful expression. We begin to look out at the world as she does and feel Love residing in our own hearts.

Printed on high-quality, glossy paper, this digital photograph is significantly sharper than a traditional picture. The contours of the image are much clearer, and the colors are much more intense as if they were painted.

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