1997 World Tour CD

Devotional Songs recorded live on Amma's 1997 World Tour
This is one of the best collections ever released. All of the songs are big hits. The songs are sung mainly in praise of Krishna, Devi and Lord Narayana. They are mostly in Hindi. Amma says, "Children, bhajan or devotional singing is a spiritual discipline aimed at concentrating the mind on Divinity. Through that one-pointedness, one can merge in the Divine and experience the bliss of one's True Self." These bhajans have been recorded live so as not to lose any of their spontaneity. Mother's voice strikes the heart of the listener, invoking forgotten memories of our true nature.

Vinati Hamare, Ayi He Holi, Praneshwara, De Darshan Ma, Samasta Papa Nasakam, Keshava Narayana, Vani Mani Mate

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