2001 World Tour Bhajans, Part II CD

More devotional songs recorded live on Amma's 2001 World Tour
This CD includes catchy favorites like Jay Ganesha Jaya Ganesha and the sweet, playful remembrance of Bala Krishna, Choti Choti Gaiya. Bhajans with moving, heart-opening words such as Takutiyilla "O Mother, I take refuge in Your divine love. I take refuge in You who are without beginning or end. Offering all that I have, I seek refuge at Thy holy feet." Another beautiful song is Kucha Na Le, which says, "O man, when you came into this world you had nothing. You will leave this Earth in the same condition. Thus, chant the name of Lord Hari. Only He will accompany us." Amme Kannu Turakule and Sri Rama Jaya Rama are old favorites, and the CD ends with the powerful, upbeat Ati Ananda De. This is a truly wonderful collection, all led by Amma and recorded live.

Jay Ganesha Jaya Ganesha, Takutiyilla, Kucha Na Le, Amme Kannu Turakule, Choti Choti Gaiya, Sri Rama Jaya Rama, Ati Ananda De.

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