Tamil Bhajans, Vol. 1

Tamil Bhajans Vol.1—Amma sings all-time favorites in Tamil

This is a terrific collection of all-time favorite Tamil bhajans, sung by Amma and the swamis and recorded live over the years. Ranging from lively and dynamic to driving and hauntingly beautiful, each bhajan is a meditation. Amma En Azhaikayil extols the Divine, "You are the Goddess of he Earth and You are the taste of the sweet Tamil language. You are the clear mind, and You are that ambrosia that we cannot get enough of. You are the One that exists and the One that doesn't exist. You are the essence of all truth. You are the essence of life and you are a boon to the whole world."

Amma stresses the significance of devotional singing or "bhajan" as a part of her teaching: "To gain concentration during this dark age, devotional singing is better than meditation. Through intense singing, other distracting sounds will be overcome, and concentration will be achieved. Devotional singing, concentration, meditation—that is the progression."

Bhajans: Un Vasal Teti, Cintanai Ceytituvay, Tunka Karimukatthu, Anbumigu Chintaikalal, Padaravindhangal, Radhai Ulla Itattil, Oti Oti Olivatenke, Amma Amma Taye, Annai Entratume, Amma En Azhaikayil, Pasiyendral.

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