Malayalam Bhajans, Vol. 2

Malayalam Bhajans Vol.2—Amma sings powerful classics in her native language

This is a superb collection of deeply moving bhajans from the early days with Amma. Recorded live and ringing with the melodies, rhythms, and images of Amma's homeland, this collection also has a wonderful universal quality.

Amma stresses the significance of devotional singing or "bhajan" as a part of her teaching: "To gain concentration during this dark age, devotional singing is better than meditation. Through intense singing, other distracting sounds will be overcome, and concentration will be achieved. Devotional singing, concentration, meditation--that is the progression."

Bhajans: Amritamtava, Anandame, Amba Amritheshwari, Sandhya Mayangu, I Manojna Bhoomiyil, Amriteshwari, Ammaye Kanaan, Radhikesa, Deenajana, Premaprobho

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