Hindi Bhajans, Vol. 1

Hindi Bhajans—Amma sings favorites in Hindi
First in the series of Hindi Bhajans, this volume is a wonderful collection of favorites from recent years, sung by Amma and the Swamis and recorded live. These are some of the big "hits" that have powerfully moved audiences and singers alike. With songs in praise of the Divine in various forms, this volume offers very much inspiration. For example, Jahan Dekhu intones, "Everywhere I look, I find You. All that I hear is the sound of Your flute... Oh Lord, You can never leave my mind. You are in every pore of my being, in each beat of my heart."

Amma stresses the significance of devotional singing or "bhajan" as a part of her teaching: "To gain concentration during this dark age, devotional singing is better than meditation. Through intense singing, other distracting sounds will be overcome, and concentration will be achieved. Devotional singing, concentration, meditation--that is the progression."

Git Nahi, Bhagavan Krishna Akar, Gopala Nacho Nacho, Jahan Dekhu, Jay Jay Mata, Ma Jagadambe, Yamuna Tira, Nandakumara, Shakti Do Jagadambe, Devi Mate, Jinki Karuna.

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