Amritanjali CD, Vol. 67

Devotional songs recorded live at Amma's ashram in India
Don't miss this volume! It's packed with some of the most powerful songs in recent years. Amma's singing on Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram is extraordinary. Delightful and catchy Meri Sunle Araj will really lift your heart. And as always, the soulful lyrics are a meditation in themselves. Kar Le Ma Ka Nit Sumiran teaches, "As long as the notion of 'I' and 'mine' exists, your mind will be filled with darkness. Say, 'O Mother, everything is Thine alone!' and the darkness will vanish. The mind will be immersed in the radiant light of grace." Jay Ma Bhavani reminds us, "I have nothing to be sad about now that I have at last become one of Your own. You will be there right beside me all the time and You will be my guide for every step that I take."

About devotional singing, Amma has said: "Children, bhajan sung with one-pointedness, will benefit the singer, the listener and also Mother Nature. Such songs will awaken the listeners minds in due course. Bhajan is a spiritual discipline aimed at concentrating the mind on one's Beloved Deity. It matters not whether one believes in Krishna or Christ, Mother Kali or Mother Mary; a formless God or even a flame, a mountain or an ideal such as world peace can be meditated upon while singing. By letting the mind expand in the sound of the divine chanting, each one can enjoy the peace born of one's inherent divinity."

Bhavani Bhagyavidhatri, Raghupathi Raghava Raja Rama, Jay Ma Bhavani Jagadambe, Kar Le Ma Ka Nit Sumiran, Mangu Me Tujse Ma, Meri Sunle Araj

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