Amritanjali CD, Vol. 63

Devotional songs recorded live at Amma's ashram in India
This volume includes wonderful bhajans that rejoice in the Divine in several of its infinite aspects. Most bhajans in this collection are from recents years, such as the deeply soulful Krpa Karo and the beautiful Triloka Matr Rupini, but Kaitorunnen Krsna is an old favorite from the early days. The inspiring poetry of Jvalana Kalyana is a meditation in itself. And Sata Koti Vandanam enchimes, "Heartfelt salutations to You who are the essence of eternal wisdom... You are the compassionate One for those who have taken refuge in You."

About devotional singing, Amma has said: "Children, bhajan sung with one-pointedness, will benefit the singer, the listener and also Mother Nature. Such songs will awaken the listeners minds in due course. Bhajan is a spiritual discipline aimed at concentrating the mind on one's Beloved Deity. It matters not whether one believes in Krishna or Christ, Mother Kali or Mother Mary; a formless God or even a flame, a mountain or an ideal such as world peace can be meditated upon while singing. By letting the mind expand in the sound of the divine chanting, each one can enjoy the peace born of one's inherent divinity."

Sata Koti Vandanam, Jvalana Kalyana, Rasa Vihari, Kaitorunnen Krsna, Krpa Karo, Triloka Matr Rupini

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