Amritanjali CD, Vol. 60

Amma's Devotional Songs recorded live
Two of the favorites on this cassette are Padaravindhangal, with its wonderfully moving and catchy tune, and Takutiyilla, which declares, "This undeserving one became worthy by becoming Your child... You are the Divine Goddess who gives meaning to my poetry. You are the consciousness that enlivens my mind..." Listening to and singing along with the songs on this cassette will help infuse our hearts with longing for the Divine. Amma says, "God alone is eternal. Our life's goal is to attain Him. You should not forget this. Singing the Divine Name is the best way. One should imagine that one's Beloved Deity is standing everywhere in the room. One should pray, 'O Lord, are You not seeing me? O God, please take me on Your lap. I am Your child. I have no one but You as my refuge. Do not abandon me but always dwell in my heart."

Karunya Piyusa, Takutiyilla, Cintanai Ceytituvay, Tunka Karimukatthu, Radha Tan, Padaravindhangal, Bolo Bolo, Instrumental Music

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