Amritanjali CD, Vol. 32

Devotional Songs recorded at Amma's Ashram in India
This CD has a beautiful collection of some of the choicest songs. Songs like Ravere, Karoli Chandran and Adyamayi Amma are deeply touching with an innocent longing that has been brought to life by Amma and her blessed disciples. The other songs like Jaya Parameswari have a faster beat and a joyful mood that balances out this tape very well. The songs in this volume are mainly in praise of Krishna, Rama and Mother. Bhajans are a very effective way of expressing devotion. When Amma sings them, the entire atmosphere is transformed and our hearts are infused with longing for the Divine. Amma says, "Children, sing from the depth of your hearts. Let the heart melt in prayer. The joy of singing the Lord's name s unique. This bhajan is for us to pour out all our heart's accumulated dirt. Leave aside all shyness and open your heart to God."

Song this volume include: Jaya Parameshwari, Ravere, Chinna Chinna, Karoli Chandran, Vande Veda, Karayate, Sri Rama, Adyamayi Amma, Oru Manal

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