Amritanjali CD, Vol. 15

Devotional Songs recorded at Amma's Ashram in India
These songs are in praise of Mother and Devi. They are in Malayalam. They are real old time numbers of Mother. Bhajans are a very effective way of expressing devotion. When Amma sings them, the entire atmosphere is transformed and our hearts are infused with longing for the Divine. Amma says, "Children, the sweetness of devotion is somethng unique. Only if medicine is applied to the wound after cleaning it with antiseptic, will it heal. In the same way, first purify your mind with the antiseptic of devotion to God and then apply the medicine of Knowledge."

Kamesha Vamakshi, Amme Ulakam, Atulya Tayude, Violin, Albhuta Charite, Uttama Prematin, Adiyil Parameswariye, Violin

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