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Amritanjali Classics

In Sanskrit, a vedic language, "bhajans" mean songs devoted to the divine. They are sung for worship, concentration, protection and simply out of love. Not only beautiful, these sacred songs are said to create good vibrations & purify the surrounding environment. Available in multiple languages.
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World Tour World Tour

Listen to the sounds of Amma's World Tour of 2008 time and time again. From the slow and mournful to the lively and joyful, these bhajans will allow you to relive some of your favorite memories from this tour.
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Chants Chants & Meditation

As much music as magic, chants create sacred vibrations which uplift the listener and charge atmosphere with positive energy. These Sanskrit chants are said to be filled with power, and each it is said, has its own unique and positive effect. From opening the mind, or the heart, to lifting the spirits these sacred recordings are much more than beautiful music.
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English Amma Sings in Your Language

Hear Amma sing in your language! Collections include the soothing songs of devotion by the Santa Fe Satsang, the reggae-inspired Goddess Jams to Amma’s own lovely voice. Perfect for those who aren’t familiar with traditional Indian music but still want to experience the joys of devotional singing.Bhajans, devotional music and chanting in a variety of languages from Hindi to Tamil and Malayalam.
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Regional New Age Fusion

Bhajans, devotional music and chanting in a variety of languages from Hindi to Tamil and Malayalam.
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Dvds Dvds

Reclaim your inner child, experience the early days with Amma, and revisit your favorite experiences with Amma over the years. Be entertained, educated, or just plain uplifted.
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Cotton Prayer Shawl with Sanskrit printing Remembrance - Double CD Collection - Celebrating fifteen years of Amma's presence in U.S.

In 1987, a tiny Indian woman arrived to the US in a simple white sari and with an unforgettable smile etched on her face. Today, she has embraced countless devotees in the West and changed the hearts and minds of many forever. This special double CD collection celebrates the 15 years Amma has graced us with Her presence in the United States. With 15 bhajans in total, each song commemorates one year that Amma has come to visit us. As you listen to this collection your heart will fill with overflowing love and devotion as you recall each of the tender years that Amma has come to see us.
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