Astrological Mala

A strand of prayerbeads designed to reduce negative planetary influences
A beautiful string of many-colored beads, this astrological mala is used to help harmonize planetary influences and neutralize any negative planetary forces. Each stone represents one of the nine major planets, and overall it contains 54 beads strung on a silver wire. The beads are smaller and more delicate than the other malas and are approximately 4mm in diameter. For those who are seeking to reduce negative planetary influences, you might also want to consider the ten and seven face Rudrakshas found in our single Rudraksha section- the ten face is said to negate all negative planetary forces, while the seven face is said to help those with a negative Saturn. Malas are often worn for purification, for protection, and for uplifting the mind, body, and spirit. They are also symbols of the never-ending cycle of creation and are beloved of many deities.

"Complete freedom from the bondage of mind and ego will create a flow of love within. People are bound by the past and the future; that is why it so difficult to find true love in the world. In order to really be able to love, both the past and the future must dissolve and disappear."—Amma.

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