Amma Body Lotion

Rose and lavender to soothe the skin and the senses
A combination of luscious mango seed butter, rich coconut oil, nourishing safflower oil and a healthy dose of Vitamins A & E, Amma's Body Lotions are rich, wonderful and downright divine. Available in Amma's Rose and Amma's Rose with Lavender, Amma's Body Lotions blend fragrant and nourishing essential oils with the highest-quality, most natural ingredients. As you might expect, there are no synthetic fragrances, dyes, fillers or anything artificial. And for those who might be concerned, Amma Bath and Body Products do not contain the controversial foaming agents sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). Enjoy, relax, and remind yourself of Amma.

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