Baby Amma Small

Our handcrafted Amma Doll- but just a little smaller. 5 inches.
Handmade with many items used or blessed by Amma and ornamented with many beads, each of these adorable creations wears a white dress and a sari in the original style of Amma's clothing. Your Amma doll is ornamented with red sandalwood beads on the wrists and neck. The neck mala also has a rudraksha bead that Amma has blessed as the Guru bead. You might say each is a work of art, but more than that they are a work of love, Amma's love. Although it's not so easy to fulfill the demand for Amma dolls, we have seen over and over again that the doll will always come to the devotee when the time is right...just like Amma. Here is what a devotee told us about her Amma doll. "These little Angels are Mother's gift of love and healing to all who are open to their blessings. Sometimes I take her off the top of my bedroom bookshelf and meditate with her in my lap (bliss). Other times, I need only to gaze at her form to feel her with me and loving me. Sometimes, I need a hug from her and that same feeling of all-accepting love and softness is there. It is as if she is my little piece of Mother." And, just so you know, the dolls need not be brought to Mother to be blessed- when they are delivered to you they are already blessed and imbued with Amma's divine energy. However, if you wish you can still always take the doll to Mother for more blessings!

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