Amma Comics, Volume 1

A comic book based on Amma's teachings
Amma says, "Divine Love makes you like a child," and that's the idea behind this wonderful book. Perfect for kids, and possibly better for adults, this full-color, delightfully illustrated comic book reminds us to always keep the spirit of laughter no matter what age we are. Filled with stories told by Amma, Amma Comics are rendered by the same artist whose cartoons appear in Amma's journals. Adorable, totally fun, and still full of wisdom. Ignorance may be bliss- but in this case knowledge is too...

Amma says, "This present moment that we have is so utterly precious. We should never allow it to be wasted. Understand this, and learn to smile always with your whole heart. Try not to let the smile fade from your face. Try to cultivate a mind that never harms any being in thought, word or deed."

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