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Amma Speaks Amma Speaks

Inspired by the depiction of Amma in Jan Kounen's 2005 documentary Darshan: the Embrace, the French film association Cinema Verite presented Amma with its 2007 Prix Cinema Verite for her contributions in fostering world peace and harmony. The award was presented to Amma in an art theater in Place de la Bastille, Paris, by Academy Award-nominated actress Sharon Stone. Compassion: the Only Way to Peace is Amma's response to Cinema Verite's request for Amma to deliver an address on the increasing occurences of war, violence and natural disasters seen in the world today. In the address, Amma presents a realistic and constrictive analysis of the current global situation, pointing to specific areas of disharmony and explaining how only a compassionate outlook can bring about their rectification. This booklet contain's Amma's entire speech given at this conference.
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Children Children's collection

For your child (or your inner child!) here’s a collection of books for those of us who aren’t quite adults. There’s fun for all ages with the spiritual hijinks of Amma Comics, or maybe you’d prefer to have story time with the adorable Mother of Sweet Bliss. We also have an Amma coloring book to play with! If your children have been good, maybe you’ll let them read them too. We have a collection of Amma dolls too.
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Inspired By Amma Inspired By Amma

A new look at Amma's life"She has been called saint, mystic, guru, avatar and master...someone sent to the world in an enlightened state to uplift humanity through unconditional love." -- Chicago Tribune. Written by famous author and teacher Judith Cornell, this biography is a moving document with rare and unusual insights into Amma's early years in India. Amma, as she is affectionately known in India and around the world, is a present day saint and an inspirational example of selfless love and service.
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Magazines Spiritual Magazines

Our monthly and quarterly spiritual magazines are put together in the US and India to bring you a little reminder of Amma when she's not around. From Amma's teachings to poetry to engaging articles written by both devotees and Amma's swamis, both spiritual magazines are sure to uplift and inspire.
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Conversations Conversations with Amma

Conversations with Mata Amritanandamayi, Volume 8
This volume focuses on family life and relationships. Amma says, "Children, as ordinary human beings, everyone has both good qualities and bad qualities. Always try to recognize and admire the good qualities in each other." Some of the topics covered are: relationships; motherhood; married life; the sign of a true relationship; real growth and maturity; living according to your dharma; respect without love creates fear; the art of relaxation; spontaneity; and loneliness. Volume 8 contains Amma's teachings during the year 1986. All the conversations have been faithfully recorded by her senior disciples..
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By Disciples By Disciples

Swamini Krishnamrita Prana, Australian by birth, was one of the first women disciples to find Amma. In her second book, she describes spiritual life while living with this God-realized Soul for the past 25 years. She delights the readers with her unique perspective on daily life with Amma, recounting stories and experiences in her intimate and down-to-earth style. She shares some profound insights into the nature of life and love, gathered like pearls from the ocean of wisdom that is Amma.
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Music & Worship Music & Worship

A collection of Amma's songs, transliterated and with translations, including all songs from volumes 1 through 18 of the Amritanjali series of audio tapes.
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Being with Amma Coffee Table

Being with Amma'Being with Amma' is a wonderful compilation of over 300 rare photos of Amma collected over the years. Each photo is a rare and endearing glimpse of Amma, and comes with a spiritual message from Amma. 'Being with Amma' truly allows the reader to be in the presence of Amma and partake in a spritual journey filled with love, service and compassion. Each saying of Amma embodies a spiritual statement conveyed through Amma's simple yet profound words.
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Biography Biography

This is a moving and inspiring account of the unique life of Amma, one of the great spiritual leaders of modern times.Throughout the world Amma is known as a humanitarian and spiritual leader. Revered in India as a healer and sage, she spends most of her waking hours embracing strangers, offering them unconditional love. In this unique biography, one of her closest disciples tells this guru's remarkable story, from how she discovered her divine calling to how her personal journey evolved into an international mission promoting spiritual awareness and providing solace to millions. A powerful and moving introduction to Amma for those who don't know her and a deepening experience for those who do.
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